More Than Art,
More Than Cake


Specializing in cake design and decoration, Aram Song is a culinary artist renowned particularly for her delicate craft of sugar flower art.  Her unique approach combines her love of sugar and baking with a deep reverence for flowers, resulting in delicious signature works of art that are indistinguishable from natural flowers.

Beyond her achievements in sugar and cake competitions, Aram also was a cake designer and Pastry Cook at various renowned restaurants in NYC, including Michelin One Star Restaurant such as Hwaban, The Modern, and Kosaka.


Gold Medal, Floral Sugarcraft and Arrangement, Cake International, NEC, Birmingham, 2015
Grand-Prix , Floral Arrangement Sugarcraft, The 8th Japan Sugar Art Competition, 2016
Silver Medal, Sugar Flower, New York Cake Show, Manhattan NY, 2017
Bronze Medal, Broadway Show Table, New York Cake Show, Manhattan NY, 2017


Multiformity 2nd Group Exhibition , Chelsea, 2015
Multiformity 3rd Group Exhibition, Seoul, 2015
Multiformity 5th Group Exhibition, New York, 2016